Hi! I'm Jocelyn Tran

Software Developer. | Hackathon Enthusiast. | UCSD Student.

Jocelyn Tran

Software Developer, Hackathon Enthusiast, Avid Learner, UCSD Student.



Java, C, C++, Arduino, SPARC Assembly, XML, JavaScript, MatLab, HTML, CSS


Git, Vim, Unix, Eclipse, Android Studio, GDB, JDB, JUnit, Valgrind, Makefile, Firebase, Heroku


Arduino, Circuit Building, Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Logic Analyzer, Soldering

Professional Profile

Hi! I'm a first generation college student from the Bay Area studying Computer Engineering at University of California, San Diego. Growing up in the Silicon Valley, I’ve always had a passion for technology and innovation. I love to take things apart to see how they work and put them back together.

When I'm not in class, I'm usually found working on my side projects, lifting, rock climbing or practicing calligraphy, or reading a book. Have a Goodreads account? Friend me and recommend a book!I also like attending hackathons! I've been to five so far: SD Hacks, Hack-An-App, AngelHacks, Spectra, and HackXX (I won second place here!). Check out some of the hacks I've worked on in the portfolio section.

I am currently looking for internships in Winter/Spring 2019 and for full time opportunities starting Fall 2019. My interests lie in backend software development and cybersecurity, however, I am open to more general software engineering roles as well.


An overview of my education and experience. Click here to download!


Computer Engineering

Pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree at Jacobs School of Engineering in UCSD. Classes taken: Engineering Computation in C, Data Structures and OO Design, Computer Organization and Systems Programming, Algorithms and Systems.

Major GPA: 3.73

University of California, San Diego

Fall 2015 - Present

High School Education

Took 5 honors and 7 AP classes, including AP Calculus BC, AP US History, AP Physics C, and AP Computer Science.

GPA: 4.31

Fremont High School

Fall 2011 - Spring 2015


Software Engineering Intern

Developed functional testing framework (using Karate and Java) for oBill, Intuit’s billing platform that manages millions of customers. Decreased testing time by 75% with the new framework.


June 2018 - Sept 2018

Engineering Intern

Wrote system tests for hardware with Bash, Python using SSH and Paramiko. Used Unirest to write Java tests to run on a Tomcat server environment.

Pico Digital

June 2017 - Sept 2017

CyberSecurity Bootcamp TA

Taught topics like XSS, SQLI, encryption to a class of 20 students. Created lessons and answered students’ questions in person.


Dec 2016 - May 2017

ECE 5 Lab Tester

Completed labs involving circuit theory, assembly, and testing, embedded systems programming and debugging, modular design techniques and more. Revised labs to increase understanding and clarity by identifying inconsistencies and gaps in information.

UCSD Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

April 2016 - June 2016

Software Team Member

Added PID controllers, lidars, sonars to control robot’s movement. Led groups of junior members in writing modular robot commands. Competed in 2 regional competitions and moved to quarterfinals. Voted Rookie of the Year by teammates.

FIRST Robotics Team 3501

Fall 2014 - Summer 2015


IEEE Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) Vice President and Webmaster

Hosted over 30+ technical and professional workshops for students. Managed and delegated tasks to 15 other board members. Redesigned and maintained website for 50+ active users.


Sept 2016 - Present

Micromouse Team Member

Worked in a team of 5 students to design, fabricate, and test a small autonomous maze solving robot. Applied skills include circuit design, control theory, digital signal processing, embedded systems, motor controllers, soldering, motors and servos, PCB layout, soldering, mechanical design and CAD. Coded floodfill alg. and sensors on STM32 microcontroller. Won 4th place at both All American MM and CAMM Competition.


Oct 2016 - Present

Student Tutor

Tutored struggling high school students in a range of academic fields including calculus and computer science. Helped raised GPA of 200 participating students by an average of 0.22 points per year.

National Honor Society

Fall 2012 - Spring 2015

Student Tutor

Tutored middle school students at Columbia Middle School who were performing below average state levels. Taught math skills and prepared students to get back on track to California Common Core standards.

Fremont HS SOL Tutoring Program

Sept 2014- March 2015

Camp Leader Volunteer

Led youth in various arts and crafts activities and outdoor games using clear and concise instructions.

Sunnyvale Recreation

Summer 2013, Summer 2014

Clubs and Awards

2nd Place Winner at Redcon Phishing Contest

Won 2nd place at Intuit Redcon Security Conference phishing contest with spoofed email and url to bait Intuit employees.


July 2018

HackXX 2nd Place Winner

Created hardware hack to predict women’s ovulation period using Arduino, Firebase and Node.js. Worked specifically on the backend to save and analyze the data recieved from the Arduino temperature sensor.

San Diego

June 2017

Computer Science and Engineering Society

A student run organization that holds tech talks, social events, and outreach opportunities for the computer science and engineering community. I participate in many of their events, most recently, in their NodeJS School.


Sept 2016 - Present

UCSD Provost Honors

Awarded for maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or higher.


2015 - 2016

Software Robotics Rookie of the Year

Awarded to a rookie member who has made an impact on their team and contributed greatly.

FRC Team 3501

April 2015


Here are some of the side projects I've worked on and hacks I've made with others. Hover over each thumbnail to read a description!

  • Sunrises

    This hardware hack collects body temperature every second to predict ovulation time. Won 2nd place at HackXX.

    View DevPost
  • EventLit

    Event viewing Android app. Quarter long group project. Learned waterfall and agile dev. Technologies used: Android Studio

    View Code
  • Spectra Stopwatch

    Created a stopwatch iOS application during the Spectra Hackathon. Technologies Used: Xcode, Swift.

    View Code
  • Portfolio Website

    A website to display my resume and portfolio. Technologies Used: HTML, CSS.

    View Code
  • JustJava

    An Android app that emails coffee orders. Technologies Used: Android Studio, Java, XML.

    View Code
  • Calculator

    A calculator Android app that can handle basic operations, including modding. Technologies Used: Android Studio, Java, XML.

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  • Fishy

    An ocean themed game where the user plays as a fish. Collaboration with Daylon Srinivasan. Technologies Used: JavaScript, PHP.

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  • OddJob

    An Android app that helps locals find and complete odd jobs in their communities with ease. AngelHacks. Tech Used: Android Studio, Google Maps API.

    View Code
  • RideShare

    An Android app that finds gas stations and splits costs. Hack-An-App. Tech Used: Android Studio, Google Maps API

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  • FIRST Robotics

    Incoporated Java libraries to make 120lb robot complete game tasks. Tech Used: Java, WPILib, Boof CV

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I love to code, hack, teach, and more. Connect with me via the links below or send me an email.